Early Americana

This is the gravesite of Ann (Geddy) Burges and her first child, both of whom died in childbirth on Christmas Day, 1771. The cemetery is on the side of the Bruton Parish Episcopal Church in Williamsburg, VA. Ann married Rev. Henry Burges the year before. She was 31. Below are photos of the apothecary shop of William Pastuer and John Galt which is just one block from the church. Pastuer and Galt performed medical and midwifery services in Williamsburg and, seeing that Mr. Galt was family friends with the Burgeses, it is presumed he was assisting with Ann's delivery and was present when she died. It was touching to stand in Mr. Galt's shop and see some of his actual tools and supplies and then also at Ann's gravesite. Eight years later, in 1779, Rev. Henry Burges was captured by British forces and imprisoned. He died in 1797 at the age of 53. Such was life in colonial America.

All photos © 2010, 2011 Bill and Jamie Goldmann