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Jamie's Big Fish
3/24/11: Key West, FL

Jamie catches the fish of a lifetime.

Kennedy Space Center
2/7/11: Cape Canaveral, FL

Truly wonderful experience; one of our best highlights.

St. Augustine, Florida
January, 2011

We spent a month here and really enjoyed it. Fascinating city.

Williamsburg, Virginia
January, 2011

Colonial America frozen in time.

New York
December, 2010

We only spent a few days here but it left an impression.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
December, 2010

Memories from our three-day visit to this colorful city.

Florida Beaches
January-March, 2011

Collection of beach photos from around Florida.

M&M Trifecta
Las Vegas, NYC and Orlando

Jamie successfully completed the M&M Trifecta in less than one year.

Times Square on New Year's Eve
12/31/10: New York City

Once-in-a-lifetime memory. Meaning ... we will only do this once!

Green Bay Packers NFL Game
12/26/10: Green Bay, WI

We went to the Packers game with Bill's brother Lee and his wife Phyllis.

Meteor Crater
12/13/10: Winslow, AZ

Large hole in the ground! Only $15.00 per adult!

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